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Virtual Assistance - Breaking The Myths
Date Added: May 20, 2009 12:10:25 PM
Author: Maneet Puri
Category: Business Services
The virtual assistance industry is fast gaining popularity. Business enterprises are adopting virtual assistance services in order to cut their costs, save time and get access to professional services. However, there are many rumors and myths that are spread about the virtual assistants. Here are some of the common ones and the actual facts behind them. Myth: Professional Virtual Assistants charge a lot! Fact: No! In fact, the whole idea of delegating work to virtual assistants revolve around the idea that they cost less than actual employees. You can get in touch with KPO firms in offshore locations that offer highly professional and cost competitive virtual assistant services. Remember, if the cost is a bit too high, that is probably because they have great references and are industry leaders. Myth: Offshore Virtual Assistants have communication problems Fact: No! It actually depends where you hire your virtual assistant from. Countries like India have English medium of education and thus virtual assistants can communicate very well with clients and facilitate smooth business proceedings. Moreover, if you hire virtual assistants from a professional KPO firm, then you can be sure that they have considerable industry experience and know how to deal with international clients. Myth: Its better to hire Virtual Assistants with few clients so that they can devote more time. Fact: No! This is the most popular misconception. Of course, if you are the only client of your virtual assistant, they may devote all their time on your project. However, think about it. Why are you the only client? Why is no one or less people doing business with them? Its always better to hire virtual assistant services of a professional KPO firm so that there are enough people to pay attention to your project. Myth: My Virtual Assistant only works for me. Fact: No! Virtual assistants are independent professionals who seek many clients and manage their projects. However, they work exclusively for you in the designated time period. That is how you can pay them only for the time devoted on your project. Myth: Virtual Assistants can only perform simple tasks! Fact: No! Remember that virtual assistants are industry professionals. They provide an extensive range of services right from the simple data entry, processing and management services to complex processes like internet market research and project management. They have valuable industry experience and have high level degrees. Myth: Virtual Assistants are not as good as real employees. Fact: Well, maybe not. Because they are even better. With virtual assistants, you can have superior quality of services and that too at lesser costs. This is because you save on all the employee costs like office space, equipment, taxes and bonuses and retirement wages and so on. You you get better services at cheaper prices. What can be better than this? Myth: Communication is very difficult with Virtual Assistants Fact: No! Just like virtual assistants deliver their services online, you can communicate with them in the same way. With internet, telephone calls and video conferences, communication is never a problem. Maneet Puri is the managing director of LeXolution IT Services, a premier offshore outsourcing company that deals with a variety of Knowledge Process Outsourcing services like virtual assistant services, internet research and data entry outsourcing. ?
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