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Television advertising, Print advertising: The new age of worldwide advertising
Date Added: March 17, 2009 08:41:12 AM
Author: Worldwideadvertising Network
Category: Business Services: Advertising
Advertising is used by an organization to sell a product or to promote their Brand. Advertising is a paid form of communicating a message which drives the potential customers to decide in favour of a particular product or Brand. I.e. Advertising is used to influence the purchasing decision and logic of the consumer. Some of the objectives of advertising are – 1. Advertising to achieve Immediate product sales 2. Advertising for reaching out to the target customers 3. Advertising for Positioning the company’s brand and/or marketing mix 4. Advertising to Introduce a new product to the market 5. Advertising to give information about the sales channels. 6. Advertising is also done to maintain the relationship with existing customers and to get repeat orders etc. Various media are used for Advertising products or services, some major ones are- Television Advertising: Television advertising can be done by giving advertisement on television. It is also called a Television Commercial or TV commercial. Many organizations have to pay huge amount for production of Television programs. The Television channels make the programs with timeslots available for the Brands to do their Television advertising. Television advertising time slots vary from seconds to minutes. By giving television advertisement, the advertisers can sell their every products from home based products or services to big campaigns. The television network owners can get high revenue for advertisement. Print Advertising: Print advertising is another campaign medium for worldwide advertising. Print advertising can be done by printing the advertisements on the Newspapers or magazines, catalogs or mailers. Print advertising includes photographs, illustrations and copies. Print advertising is an effective way for advertising a small business goods or services to the whole community around them. If you are in a small business professional in a small town or small area, then print advertising is very much effective for campaigning the goods or services. Radio Advertising: Radio advertising is one of the widely used advertising campaign medium for getting unique combination of low cost and high target listener. The organizations have to purchase the air time for advertising their products or services on radio from the radio stations. The radio advertising time slots are decided by the brand based on the listener target group of the particular program. Internet Advertising: Internet advertising is also called online advertising or web advertising or e – advertising. The users have to use internet for their advertising medium. Internet advertising or web advertising is done by putting ads like text ad, banner ad, links, and contents on websites. Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) is the important aspect of internet advertising or web advertising. With this internet advertising we can focus our business globally. On internet advertising we can easily keep track on our campaigns.
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